A pre-rolled joint is a marijuana cigarette that has been rolled in advance by a machine or by hand. They are available for purchase at dispensaries and can be found in a variety of strains, sizes, and contents. Predicting how much weed is in a pre-roll requires knowledge of the size of the cigarette and the content type.

Pre-Roll Sizes

The size of a pre-roll will vary depending on the Rolling Paper that is used. 1 1/4 Rolling Papers are the size of a standard cigarette while King Size Rolling Papers are much larger. The most common pre-rolls are 1 gram and range from 0.5 grams to 2 grams.

There Are Three Types of Paper Material Used for Pre-rolls:

Rice Paper

A natural fiber paper made from hemp pulp, cellulose, and water. Burns slowly and is delicate.

Wood Pulp Paper

A paper made from wood chips, cellulose, and water that has been bleached. Burns slow with an even burn.

Cotton Paper

A paper made from cotton linter (the fibers attached to cottonseeds) that has been treated with chemicals like sulfuric acid and calcium hydroxide. Cotton burns quickly and is harsh on the throat.

Joint Contents

The contents of a pre-roll will also have an effect on how much weed it contains. There are three types of joint contents:


Trimmings from the plant that have been ground up; may contain seeds/stems/etc. Usually low quality but cheap.


The flower of the cannabis plant; contains high levels of THC/CBD. Often more expensive than shake but worth it!


Fine crystals found on trichomes; very potent (high THC/CBD levels). Can be sprinkled on top of shake or bud for an extra “kick”!

Now that we know the variables, let’s calculate an estimate for how much weed is in a pre-roll.

If we use 1 gram of weed (which is 0.035274 ounces), 63% Shake, 27% Bud, and 10% Kief as our averages…

1 gram x 63% = 0.63 grams or 0.022 ounces

1 gram x 27% = 0.27 grams or 0.0095 ounces

1 gram x 10%= 0.1 grams or 0.0035 ounces

In summary, there are approximately 0..63 grams or 0.022 ounces of weed in a pre-roll joint if it contains 63% Shake, 27% Bud, and 10% Kief by weight. Of course, this estimate can go up or down depending on the size of the rolling paper used as well as the specific ratios of Shake: Bud: Kief in the joint itself so be sure to ask your friendly neighborhood budtender for help!


Pre-rolled joints are a convenient way to enjoy marijuana without having to roll your own cigarette. However, it can be difficult to predict how much weed is actually in a given joint. This guide should give you a general idea of ​​the average amount of marijuana in a pre-rolled joint, as well as some factors that can affect this number. Keep this information in mind next time you purchase a pre-roll so you know what to expect!

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